Gary Man Pleads Insanity

Gary man accused of murder raises insanity defense during trial.

CROWN POINT | Jamal Gore, now 32, had been the apple of his family's eye until he plunged into mental illness beginning in his teens, defense attorney Scott King told jurors Tuesday in Gore's murder trial. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Michael Woods confirmed jurors would hear quite a bit about Gore's schizophrenia from the defense throughout the trial. They also would hear from Gore's own statement to police that he was tired of "Davis messing with him" and intended to kill the man. Gore, of Gary, faces murder charges in the shooting death of 29-year-old John Barry Davis, a man Gore knew well, Woods said. Gore also faces battery charges in the wounding of Davis' girlfriend, who was driving the car in which the couple were shot in May 2010. Woods said the couple had intended to go the beach the day of the shooting until hearing from Gore that morning. Instead, they picked up Gore and went to buy cigarettes at a gas station. Gore also wanted to buy some marijuana, but when no one appeared to be home at that location, he started firing first at Davis, then at his girlfriend, Woods said. Davis died from multiple gunshot wounds. His girlfriend suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. King argued Gore had once been far from explosive, a model child with a promising future in sports until his teens. His desperate parents placed him in a private school in Connecticut before seeking medical help for his deteriorating mental condition, which included acting out, hearing voices that weren't there and suffering hallucinations, King said. King said his defense will not rely on 7,500 pages of medical records alone. The totality of the defense will leave jurors pondering what else could have caused the tragedy but Gore's insanity, King said. Jurors have the option of finding Gore not guilty, not guilty by reason of insanity, guilty regardless of his mental disease, or guilty but mentally ill. Susan Brown (219) 662-5325


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