Press Release

Jury Finds Client Not Guilty of Murder
Apr 27, 2017

Only Takes Jury Five Minutes to Acquit Attorney King's Client of Murder

No Charges Filed Against Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney Scott King's Client
Jan 16, 2017

Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney Scott King's client will not face charges

Criminal Defense Attorney Secures Modification of Sentence
Jan 11, 2017

Criminal Defense Attorney Russell Brown obtains modification of sentence for clients

Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney Secures Dismissal
Jan 06, 2017

Attorney Scott King obtains a dismissal of charges for Level 5 Felony

Criminal Defense Attorney Secured Dismissal of Charges
Jan 05, 2017

Attorney Murdaugh obtains dismissal of level 2 felony for clients

Community News

Free Expugement for Veterans
Nov 07, 2014

Gary Man Pleads Insanity
Oct 31, 2012

Gary man accused of murder raises insanity defense during trial.

Murder Charges Dropped Against Client
Oct 11, 2012

After approxmately nine months from filing charges, the Porter County Prosecutor's Office has dropped the murder charges against Allen Warnes.

Jury Hung on Murder Charge
Sep 07, 2012

Jury Hung on Murder charge, not guilty of attempted murder

Facebook Posts Not Private
Aug 28, 2012

Court Rules that information posted on Facebook can be admitted into evidence.